Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flat White Tasting

Hi all

I have been asked a few times to do this so I am !!!. I am not feeling so great but hey I cant abandon moi blog!. Okay now lets go over what his is all about.

First off a Flat White is (in my own words)  from Australia and its espresso with milk and a thin layer of foam, unlike a cappuccino that has a heavy amount of it a flat white isn't and I think it has a sweeter note. I feel its a mixture of a cappuccino, late, cortado. Its very good and I for once do not use a lot of sugar as I am known for. Its taste is subtle but then comes back and takes one for the team. Ah, Starbucks did a great job of making it into one of their new drinks. I have had it before and there isn't too much of a taste difference, just minus the foam art( I live for it ). Here are my pictures of the many I have had just in the two weeks of drinking it here in the west.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Coffee Style Post of 2015

Hi all!!!

I have a post !! I am still repairing and tweaking moi page so I will be at the other blog making post a little more until this is done. But surprise I do have a quick outfit post. I forgot the shoes in the pic but they are so cute!!!!

Dress- Marisota 

Until the weekend enjoy Oh and my next post will be on the Flat White from Starbucks. Pictures too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Coffeehouse Post Roundup

Hello my caffeinated friends.

So, I wanted to go back and show a few post that really made this year worth wild. I will be blogging next time in the New Year so stay easy. I also wanted to announce a new look that is almost done. Just a little rearranging and stuff. I hope to showcase it in January and have some more fun coffee related things. Until then  enjoy and be safe.

My Blog Anniversary

Last cup of coffee on the east coast

Graduation coffee

Thanks again for making my blogs a success for 6 years! Lets keep going shall we?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Coffee Inspiration Fridays

Grad School CoffeeShop Grind

I am back on my school grind I should say so....I have made this set. Its cold here not as cold as I am used to but its enough to get away with some winter stuff. UGGs, I will see lol You get to the point that you do not care and wear your wool skirt in pride!!!. This is how I look for the most part going now a days. Ugh the struggles, lol until next time.

An Espresso drink not yet shaken

Hey there. Hows your Friday? I am going to do this post for next week and the coffee inspiration post after this. Then I will see you week after next. You know how the coffee blog is ( free spirited) and so not on a regular posting scheduled.In other news, it has been a long week. So  much has happened. Not too much happy more irritating and confusing, just having me reach for a cup of coffee to regroup.

 But yeah, do you see the picture above? The bubbles form when you shake espresso up and then pour it into a cup. I have seen this so many times and at times it is too much and I hand the cup back. Ice, espresso, soy milk, and classic syrup is the mix here. Bubbles come to the top for air, and its because they are lighter than the whole drink. As you can see that the milk is in the middle and the syrup is heavier than the espresso; which blows my mind.

But when you milk it , if made correctly; will form nicely and a dark- ish milky color. Perfection.
Happy Caffeinated Weekend

Friday, December 5, 2014

Coffee Inspiration Fridays

That caffeinated city feeling

Hey all I am on time today!! I have a link of a place in New York I am sure to visit soon( and the cat cafe too) Read it  here. Above, a real outfit that I have!! Enjoy

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cartel Coffee Trip 2

So, I am loving that I can taste coffee from the west. You can tell  that there are a lot of the influences that comes to play . I love also telling the baristas about the east and they are not only intrigued but it makes them want to visit. Hey I give credit to the ones who deserve it. I miss Chinatown Coffee Co. and Grumpy Coffee and all of the shops in between, ( and the espresso bars a swoon over ) Sometimes its cool just to sit and when asked tell them about the caffeinated life in the cities that they may have only seen on TV. its no fairy tale. Its real. We aren't as mean as they think we are.

 I am a product of it lol. I am a sorta  caffeine expert I like to say though its so much to learn about cold coffee and new devices, but I am willing to learn and that says a lot. Many may say its bad but its not. I think at times people do not know how to complement and turns into negativity. Good thing I do not take it the wrong way.

So I had a Americano. Just a bit of hot water with moi espresso I can get with it. They love it in other countries.