Saturday, January 30, 2016

Todays' drink

Hey everyone!

A few quick sips of my ethiopian coffee and an occasional smile at someone watching me. I love taking pictures for you guys, it is okay they do not need to know our secret!

Enjoy and stay warm.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coffee Confessionals ( Coffee obsession around the world)

Hi guys, since it's another snow day so I wanted to shoot a post your way.

I have to admit, I love coffee. Yes I know old news, but really I love it. And mom may think that giving me coffee very young ( and my own porcelain cup) was a bad thing; but she did the right thing. Coffee is a staple in my life and I enjoy writing this blog and sharing sources and insight with you.

Between my Bloomberg/TV online binges, tech,flight, stocks and fashion tabs that take up too much ram on my laptop;I always stumble across a article or in this case a whole section dedicated to coffee.
Tasting Table is a great site when it comes to conventional and unconventional ( my favorite part) ways to look at food and make food.

But the link above is all about coffee. I am so excited to scroll and click,save,wish, sip my extra hot late and scroll again. One post I will lightly touch on because seriously, who doesn't want to know about how to order coffee around the world.

Just imagine being on the beach in Miami, and ordering a "cubano" which is a reality for this City goer changed Miami bae. As soon as I get off of the plane at MIA I am suddenly a Miami bae.
 ( I made that up) I go to my new coffee spot and order my strong but very sweet fix. Swimsuits and strong sweet coffee, whats not to love?

Or being back home and visiting friends who pour a very dark, rich coffee from a tiny pot or seeing another friend where I currently live at 11am to have a coffee ceremony. (Oh! and don't get me started on Vietnamese ice coffee.) Whether its Turkish or Ethiopian coffee, the smell and taste are set apart from each other.

Though this has to be the longest post I have done for this particular blog, I have to run! Stay caffeinated and let me know your favorite drink to order or you would like to order from this article.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is Cold Outside Pt2 ( Drink)

So, I promised to show my drink, and here we go!

Its Cold Outside ( Coffeehouse Outfit Inspiration Post)

I wake up its hot, but cold out then turn around and see that Tomo isn't here. She's still with her nana and I have so much to do with not much time in between and did I mention money? The swift transfer between jobs is hard when you can't do one because the other has a lot of running around to do with it. Am I complaining? Eh.........

I promise one more post of my drink today, but now its cold and I have to leave soon, what do you wear under your coat,hat,scarf and gloves? This is what I wear
( I promise to do more shots next time, I not good at it lol)

                                                 Sweater ( sold out) SimplyBE
                                                 Leggings (olive green) Forever 21
                                                 Shirt Ann Taylor
                                                 Drink Starbucks Double Shot (12cl/breve)

I like an oversize sweater and leggings and hey my many Ann Taylor tops, if you know me you know I love them for those and their skirts,perfume lol Anywho, what do you wear for your daily coffee-run?

Monday, January 11, 2016

What is your winter coffee go to?

I am warming up to a triple-red eye. Though I am out of town I am loving my coffee pics. I actually snapped one of me lol okay I was actually dressed up for once lol. Until that post , what are you drinking?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year, same sips of aspiration

                           Im back....lets continued where we weekend .........

Monday, December 21, 2015

On Holiday

Hey everyone

I am on holiday until the new year! I cant wait for a new year of new post, colabs and hopefully less sad events. Though we can not predict these, we can pray for better, until then, be easy, sip more coffee and lets look back on some highlights of my coffee adventures.

A new Coffee Hangout

National Coffee Day

My most popular Coffee Inspiration Fridays Post

After a year in Arizona my first post back home

My new site look

Last my Coffee Instagram Pics while I was in Arizona.

I hope so share more coffee feats with you next year. xxx