Sunday, September 28, 2014

National Coffee Day!!!!!

Happy National Coffee Day!!!!!

I love coffee as you know and I have to tell you I have learned so much and I cant wait to learn more and show you some things I have been working on. Here are three things I have learned in the past year.

1. Cold coffee is so complex. It is more than just the pour over method.

2. The pour over method is fun, just follow directions.

3. Carbonated Coffee....I am a fan and its so good!!!!

So in honor of this day, I have to share my popular coffee pictures of Instagram ! Tell me what have you learned this year?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coffee Conversations 3: More about moi

Hi there,

I know I have missed a post or two do not worry I am on it ASAP. So, again I am running into such dull people and I have to introduce myself, I tell you if I was the type of person that I was in high-school, I would of taken this and the other  blog down. people can be harsh, and I could care less. But it doesn't hurt to tell you some things. I get asked , so here allow me to tell you. A lot of it is public knowledge; maybe they are too self absorbed to care. 

  • I am from NYC, yes I say "car" coffee" and "talk" a bit different. Oh and a bonus, there are other boroughs other than Brooklyn and Manhattan, The Bronx is one of them; I am from there. Now let that sink in.........
  • If my grammar and such upsets you, feel free to read other blogs. It is okay, this is not even professional. But I get more compliments than a few. I mean from you know people in high command. I guess your complaining is nothing to me. 
  • No I am not a fashion blogger. Maybe if I were I would have more readers. No I am fine. ( lol) But yeah look in my closet would wonder why I am not showing off my clothing.
  • I have this slight obsession with cats, yes its healthy just ask my cat.
  • Yes I know I look great, your stares just helps with my next shopping (internet) escapade . 
  • College: Yes I go, have a few degrees. But what I am really proud of are the blogs I have. 
  • Stop judging others by appearance. I drive a tinted car with nice rims and a " love my cat" sticker in the back.....yeah let that also sink in.
  • I have learned yet again this week that people are harsh. Let them speak then smile, say thank you and remember how awesome you are. Man how can I not? My hair laid down perfectly this morning at 5am. 
  • Thank you and until next post or post after next ( national coffee day) be good and stay caffeinated. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cartel Coffee

I am at my next coffee location. I had a little time to check it out and its right in the heart of the college district in Tempe. So, lets get down to it. There name is Cartel Coffee and im loving my cold brew cup right now. Though its catered to the college bunch you have locals who come in here and there. Because of their location an hour is about my parking limit. But when my friends come, i will find a parking garage, and we can walk over this way!!!!! But for now the time limit is just fine.
Verdict :great location, crowd, price. Parking is very understanding due to location. Try the cold brew and watch them at work in their exposed "coffee lab"

Window Seat

Bye for now , until next time.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Coffee Conversations 2: A Lovely Kickstarter (with pictures)

So today I was conversing about start ups or as they say "kick starters" I have helped a few, from Dear Kates yoga pants ( very cool) to some others. I am currently looking at one as we speak so I have to get the basics to let everyone know. But today's highlight is from England, and I was asked personally to tell everyone about it!!!!!!.

Flimsymoon  is their name and Lingerie is their game!!!.

Every woman loves to wear such light delicate things whether its in the house our under our favorite outfits!! so I ran across this via another blog and fell in love!

What really catches my eye is that you can have it made to order, which is a heaven sent for moi!

The project has 21 days to go and she needs help!!!!! Please check out their kickstarter and donate and also spread the word!!!

I have donated  and I hope the little help I bring will help them with their project.

Its hard out here in the business world, but if we help each other and show as much support as we can then we can start having the little things things we like and great prices !!!

Check out her Facebook

Also her Pintrest

Oh and her lovely hair on her Instagram

I wish her the best and I will be a buyer of her products though I am here in the United States. If you know me, you know I shop all over the world.

Shes a doll and as I promised am here  to spread the word!!! Oh and I have now I am doing it via social networking!!! get out there and help!!!! please? xxxxx

I saw these pictures and fell in love with them such a whimsical feel to them, makes you just swoon:

All rights reserved via Flimsymoon Pintrest

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Coffee Conversations 1:Evening coffee conversations....

Hey Everyone!!!

I decided to post today because I have a bit of advice that I want to get out there to people. I call this my coffee convo for short. I tend not to answer or comment on internet columns that I read because, you have very annoying people who think they are smart and want to say something hurtful back. That happened to me. I refer to my iPhone as " the two models back iPhone" which it is lol so I had mentioned in a post that I will throw it a mile when I get my hands on the new one. Apparently this person does not even get the joke or just wanted to be mean and say  that I needed a dictionary. Um .....first of all nothing was misspelled nor out of context. So, I corrected them. They were very smart not to reply to my thread because I would of dealt with them at that time. This was almost two weeks ago so eh..... I just laughed. People tend to be rude when they have stupid followers. I will admit I type and think so fast that whatever comes out is what I was thinking backwards. I get lazy or I am on a mobile device that auto corrects it. I also need spell check. I have a big vocabulary but okay some of my spelling of words that you do not use everyday ( or just typing fast) doesn't come out correct. But its one thing to do that, and one thing not to speak correctly. I may not perfect but I am far from ill speaking. I shouldn't have to explain myself should I ? Maybe I will get an editor. Or maybe I will laugh because I love me!!! So, I took a coffee-break, typed this and now asking you all if there's anything that gets under your skin that people say? Some people need a life. The internet has did nothing wrong, its the people behind it creating an issue. I am telling you, if you get judged for everything you do from certain peoples eyes, your life would be horrible. So be happy, stay positive and drink more coffee!!! and espresso!!!!! xxxxx

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HAPPY 6th BLOGAVERSARY ( made it up) Part 2

So today is the day!!!! Its been six years and im glad. via my other Blog I had a long rant so I am leaving it at that!! I just want to say thank you. I am doing better this year with post and I have pictures to download and share so sit tight please. So I am just going to leave you with my coffee inspired polyvore creation...( I am so in love with the dress) xoxoxoxo

Coffee Date

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coffee Inspiration Fridays

I am homesick!!! but its okay I used art to curve that. Have a great weekend.
Bronx my home borough style flow

TOMS galaxy shoes
$8.34 -

Kate spade handbag

Iphone case


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
$9.33 -