Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HAPPY 6th BLOGAVERSARY ( made it up) Part 2

So today is the day!!!! Its been six years and im glad. via my other Blog I had a long rant so I am leaving it at that!! I just want to say thank you. I am doing better this year with post and I have pictures to download and share so sit tight please. So I am just going to leave you with my coffee inspired polyvore creation...( I am so in love with the dress) xoxoxoxo

Coffee Date

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coffee Inspiration Fridays

I am homesick!!! but its okay I used art to curve that. Have a great weekend.
Bronx my home borough style flow

Chloé dark green pants

TOMS galaxy shoes
$8.34 -

Kate spade handbag

Iphone case


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
$9.33 -

Friday, August 8, 2014

Black Cat Coffee

So I found a cool place I found via Yelp which I will give 5 stars because I will be honest I am not thrilled to be here but I decided to get up and find a coffee-shop every weekend. This one is a favorite already. The barista is very nice and gave me permission to mention the website. So here we go.

Black Cat Coffee is in Phoenix AZ. I was actually told by a cool new buddy at the bank. Shes actually my banker now. I am glad I follow them on instagram and decided to check them out. What did I get? Espresso to the third! You know how I am about my coffee guys and I have to say they do take their time. My photographer got pomegranate green tea. She loves it. Its very good and not only that she had so many other teas here to chose from. 
Please check out their site. Here 
Verdict: Nice atmosphere. I can come here to cope with desert life. 
Ps: outfit: Shirt: Anthropologie  Skirt : Ann Taylor Loft

While I was out..


I am back so to speak. Classes has started so yes I am back. lol So guess what? I had a frappichino for the first time in ten years. Let that sink in...... Yes in high school I had a good friend and her and I would drink them like it was liquid gold; therefore sparking my Starbucks addiction. But the other day, I thought about it. I had my free drink reward and I saw the new espresso frappichino. Eh hey why not try it? To make it better the barista added her own extra espresso twist and Italian espresso drizzle. I was like whoa. Okay. I liked it and it was a  walk down memory lane thing that I will do again. Lol I stepped out of my box and it was okay people! Behold the espresso deluxe frappichino.

Enjoy xxx

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Macchiato Love

macchiato love

Hi! Do you like Macchiatos? Well I always go to starbucks to get my espresso drink which mine is more on the Americano side they say but I think my drink is more of a Macchiato. Do you know a lot people say the name but doesnt know that it has espresso and cream. The original one is just that. You can now add flavoring. But yes please people it kills me when im in line and they say they want it watered down. Then get a cappuccino ugh geez *face plam* lol xxxx I know my lovely coffee inclined friends know this all too well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week Break With you in mind

Im on a week break  from school starting today so I will be out finding water and back to blogging next week. But I did make one for this Friday and its my outfit while watching Korean Dramas with Starbucks lol enjoy. xx

Korean Drama Mode