Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Coffee Blog Dedication Post

Hey everyone! 
I wanted to quickly do this post because I have to thank someone as I do every year since she isnt here or me to say thank you to. Today she would of been in her late 50s and she was my breath of fresh air.Many do not know that she is the one who gave me the idea for my coffee blog! So she deserves all of the credit. I dont like posting pic of my baby self lol Not because I wasnt cute its because shes in them. Missing her is real and you know each year I will remember that a blog is more than a bunch of opinions, its more on how you feel about things and sharing the good with the bad. And knowing that others feel as you do at times. 

                                           I keep this picture on my tablet background. She loved
                                           this picture, we we were just getting up she said.
                                                            Thats me !!!! So cute, ik ik
                                           And me now!! coffee is gold thanks mom and auntie
                                           This is me last year on my bday. She would of ate
                                            this pic up. I look like the baby she thought I was.

In all, thank you auntie for believing in my writing ability and others thank you also. So until next year and more pictures that I am currently digitally fixing, I will continue blogging. She would not want it any other way.

Your spoiled niece
Jen xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coffeehouse Style

Hi I finally have an outfit. I am loving my very high pants and blue shoes. I cant wait to move back home and wear this all over again. Well, different variations of it. What is your laid back coffeehouse look?

Shirt  Emerson Fry Oulet  Pants Target  Shoes ( not pictured) MYHABIT

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday coffee post

Hi everyone making a post to say hi. I now have a budy Sunday not just in the morning. I try to drink hotter drinks in the morning because of the weather changes. Not much of a change but ten degrees is a lot better and not as hot. We will see how fall is here. What is your fall into winter drink? I bring out the cortado and red eye. Oh dirty chai. Like the pic below.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Coffee Inspiration Fridays

Quick make up post. I have a picture for my Coffee Inspiration Fridays. I will catch up on my coffee fashion as soon as I feel better enjoy!!!


Weekly Coffee Pins

Its been a long week for me, and some days to go. I have been sick since the beginning of the week and yesterday was the worse causing me to go to the emergency room. I am okay just some test done and back in bed. But theres no rest for the weary, things must get done so I will be up and about in a few hours and so on. Hopefully this will pass and I will be back to me  again. I havent been able to eat let alone drink coffee. Im  drinking  a blue smoothie today still no eating. But  anyway, im here for you to check out my coffee pins via Pintrest. Re-pin and enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

National Coffee Day!!!!!

Happy National Coffee Day!!!!!

I love coffee as you know and I have to tell you I have learned so much and I cant wait to learn more and show you some things I have been working on. Here are three things I have learned in the past year.

1. Cold coffee is so complex. It is more than just the pour over method.

2. The pour over method is fun, just follow directions.

3. Carbonated Coffee....I am a fan and its so good!!!!

So in honor of this day, I have to share my popular coffee pictures of Instagram ! Tell me what have you learned this year?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coffee Conversations 3: More about moi

Hi there,

I know I have missed a post or two do not worry I am on it ASAP. So, again I am running into such dull people and I have to introduce myself, I tell you if I was the type of person that I was in high-school, I would of taken this and the other  blog down. people can be harsh, and I could care less. But it doesn't hurt to tell you some things. I get asked , so here allow me to tell you. A lot of it is public knowledge; maybe they are too self absorbed to care. 

  • I am from NYC, yes I say "car" coffee" and "talk" a bit different. Oh and a bonus, there are other boroughs other than Brooklyn and Manhattan, The Bronx is one of them; I am from there. Now let that sink in.........
  • If my grammar and such upsets you, feel free to read other blogs. It is okay, this is not even professional. But I get more compliments than a few. I mean from you know people in high command. I guess your complaining is nothing to me. 
  • No I am not a fashion blogger. Maybe if I were I would have more readers. No I am fine. ( lol) But yeah look in my closet though.....you would wonder why I am not showing off my clothing.
  • I have this slight obsession with cats, yes its healthy just ask my cat.
  • Yes I know I look great, your stares just helps with my next shopping (internet) escapade . 
  • College: Yes I go, have a few degrees. But what I am really proud of are the blogs I have. 
  • Stop judging others by appearance. I drive a tinted car with nice rims and a " love my cat" sticker in the back.....yeah let that also sink in.
  • I have learned yet again this week that people are harsh. Let them speak then smile, say thank you and remember how awesome you are. Man how can I not? My hair laid down perfectly this morning at 5am. 
  • Thank you and until next post or post after next ( national coffee day) be good and stay caffeinated.