Wednesday, April 22, 2015

HappyEarth Day!!!

I don't know how long I have been doing this , but Happy Earth Day!!!!

I am huge on helping the earth that god has blessed us to live upon.

From the green trees and grass, to the blue and different color oceans; and life in them.

So this year I want to show some of the most beautiful places I have been too.

 Because this year, I have learned to be grateful of what I came from and you come to  miss things like rain when you move far away. I realize it and I hope to remember this whenever I move back across country.
 One other thing, its not just the earth, its the things you use in life. Like net and shopping bags. I myself have them both and use them though this state isn't big on it.
 Eating, planting and making sustainable food is one too. Also buying it. Because you must take into consideration that some things are not plentiful. Even certain sushi kinds!!!!! Also remember if you can afford it invest into some very great tasting organic coffee. They are out there.

What do you do to help the environment and help slow down Global Warming?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Not so laid back coffee-break


Hi everyone. This is my ONLY day off and I have so much to do. I wish I could just sleep for a few hours and then take on the day with a positive bank account and out look on life. That's not the case, so on days like this, when I drag myself to Starbucks , in very laid back clothes  (which so doesn't suit my curves) I order smoothies to help with my poor lack of diet and immune system. Then before 2 pm I have my coffee fix. It seems to help a bit with my mood. Also since I am not a breakfast eater it helps me have something in my tummy. Starbucks, thanks for the introduction of kale in your smoothies. Cant wait until it comes here. Until then I had the Green and Orange ones. Oh and my lovely drink at the end. Today seems like its going to be one of those smoothie days.

                                                                     Starbucks Double-shot.
                                                                  Orange-Mango smoothie

                                                                         Green Smoothie

Until next time.....

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Coffee Instagram Pictures

Hi Everyone

Since I am busy I tend to just stop by Starbucks or make my huge collection of international coffee. Which is funny, If you opened one of the cabinets all of the coffee would fall out. I have so much but I either do not have the time for it or do no want to make it. Oh and the most famous. I have no creamer lol Without further a ad, here are my snaps of me and coffee. From a couple of months ago until earlier today.

Until next time stay caffeinated

Friday, February 13, 2015

Coffeehouse Style

My page is still being fixed so sit tight, but I do have a Coffeehouse Fashion post. On the way to work flow look.

My outfit is from Fashion To Figure