Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy National Coffee Day !!!

*I had a bad internet outage yesterday but I didn't forget about it, I had written it ahead of time just added pictures*

Happy National Coffee Day!

You know I was happy! Not only did I have coffee from everywhere but I shared with friends and family in this gloomy time we are having. I was very educational to them and they loved me explaining the different aspects of coffee to them, like...

  • Espresso- compressed coffee steamed

  • Latte- Espresso and hot water

  • Cafe au lait- Coffee and milk 

Starbucks double shot ( espresso) on ice with 12 pumps of classic( syrup)  and breve ( half and half)  or soy; its funny when I send my friend or my mom to get one for me they all confused and I repeat it slow lol.

 Did you take advantage of free coffee today? I did and so did people I know who kindly messaged me their pictures,

Ah the joy of sharing that caffeinated joy with everyone. Here are some fun facts that I have looked up over the years and tried or discovered,

  • If you really want a jolt drink a light roast coffee, it is not as dark as dark roast being that it didn't sit and soak for a long time. Therefore making it a lot stronger than dark roast; dark roast is great for a flavor boost.
  • Try to have your last cup by noon, because it takes all day for the caffeine to be used up in your body.
  • If you do not like coffee try certain teas that will give you a boost, or better yet ice coffee seems to do the trick.
  • Carbonated coffee is a new trend here in the states but not in places in Europe; where its a staple.
  • Watching calories?  skim, half and half, and soy are great add-on alternatives.
  • Coffee doesn't stunt your growth, thank genetics for that one.

Until a week or so from now stay caffeinated 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A week in coffee photos

Hey everyone,
I was having an okay morning until I heard some bad news, but I wanted to post my week in coffee photos and I will be back in about two weeks. There was a deaf in my extended family so I will
be away for the week. Remember stay caffeinated and share your love of coffee with the ones you care for, because they can be gone in an instant.

                                                            Espresso Frappichino

                                            My espresso frappichino and I lol

                                                  Yet another espresso frapp ( whats going on)
                                                             Bold coffee with shots of espresso
                                          Ice coffee with cream and sugar and vanilla

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pop up quick post about ......

Hey everyone

A bit under the weather and I had a lot going on for once around my blogs anniversary so don't worry those post are coming. I am a bit behind and a lot of stuff. But I did want to share some post for you, and yes its all about coffee, because I am just that well caffeinated inclined all the time.

Yes you are reading this correctly, hopped coffee ( I just ordered some for my friend and I to try)

Then, there's hopped cold brew coffee

Last, to take it a step further lets learn about cold brew tonic

This is all from a favorite site of mine Tasting Table

Until next time,
stay caffinated. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A week in coffee Photos

Hey there my lovely coffee beans!

Okay since I am getting things together for this blog, I still wanted to post a few things before I start having guest, because I love you guys!!! I have lots of coffee pictures, so let me show how my lovely instagram looks lol 

                                                              Iced dirty chai late
                                              Espresso frappuccino for me and refresher for him.
                                                      Candid Starbucks double shot pic
                                                                 Iced dirty chai late 

How has your summer coffee experiences been? Do share,

Monday, August 3, 2015

Coffee Date: With my nieces

Hey all

I am here with a cute little coffee date I was own about two weeks ago. I have been so busy but have many pictures to share in the following weeks along with some plans which my other blog will have details on ,so stay tune.

Anywho, I decided to visit my nieces and nephews since I finally had time ;after moving back to the east coast. Mind you , I haven't seen them in a few years and between them growing up and realizing that I am too, they still wanted to hang out and talk to me. Which I feel, is always a good thing. I think I kind of rubbed off on them also. From coffee to their taste in things. But is that ever bad? They are not only taller than me but very smart. So the whole coffee stunting your growth thing will have to be made into some other excuse on my height. (lol)

We decided to have coffee at nordstrom, which I do everytime I shop there. I have to do a bit of research to see where their coffee is from and also other flavors,but I digress. They ordered something similar to a Mocha Frappuccino and I had a Dirty Chai Late. Talks of the past, present and future occured and I learned how much not only they have grown but I have.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A week in coffee photos

Hey all

I have and am still so busy with grad school and the loads of work that it provides, not mention work, life and apartment hunting!!!! Yay!!! ( sarcastically) But I have taken a lot of pictures and will be going on a coffee date very soon so stay tuned. I also have for both blogs, a guest blogger or a blogger spotlight,once again stay tuned!!!!!! Until then have a look at my early morning commute coffee preference.

                                             Espresso Frapp in Chinatown
                                                    Above and Below: Panera ice coffee no ice

                                                   Lovely addictive cold brew from Starbucks

until next post stay caffeinated!