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Awaking Moment......;

Hey everyone,

I noe I havent blogged in a lil bit I have excuses want to hear me out before you like get mad and we break up? k here are the reasons...

Too much gin and tonic

The other night I had a little drink. Then I had another , then one more. Lol I was actually smiling and no it wasnt the drink i was like in a slow bliss a very slow one at that. I guess I havent got over it yet. I feel as my eyes are still dilated and yes I feel as if I can get pulled over by the police while im walking and get a ticket for taking the train under the influence. lol

Family issues

I really am having family issues and its killing me. *sighs* i mean its like things arent as inviting and nice and conventent as it never was lol. I think that one day something has to break I have to really get a grip and so do they. But who am i? I am just Jennifer at times I wish i was then other times I just dont know if i want to even take up space.

Friends Visiting.

Yes, my loving friends came to see me. I have to set this time aside to say thank you . you are the best. even if i dont act like you are. dont take it personal. lol i mean i had fun yesterday ( sunday) woot! this person so noes that im talkin about them. yeah this is ur lil mini paragraph of fame keep it, cherish it forever, u noe how i feel and u noe what i mean. *blows kiss*

Bloggers Block

Im sorry I just had no real inspiration or will to blog. Not even to trade stocks lol. I mean its just im tired of trying. It feels as maybe im doing it in vain, then again i am not that person at all i am not really. tell me somehting how do you wake up every morning and be your awesome self? Cus really i noe it comes nature doesnt it? im jealous even though im not a jealous person its fun to say that at times.

Werid Mood

Again im not a moody individual. but man ive been in this solem mood an its stressin me out! idk wat to do its not mean and its not sad its just a "hum..." maybe nonchalant mood? im tellin u if u figure it out and tell me ima give u a cookie! lol yes maybe ice cream how about coffee? lol but dont pull me out of it right now. lol

Well at Dupont Circle Starbucks *smiles* i smile when im starbucks yes i dont smile often. lol I feel so very special cus like im happy to like noe a starbucks like this. i mean i was in adams' morgan and omg! i saw a cute hat boots and glove set i must get! oh i will and them ima blog about it and show u well i got to go small small world isnt it?


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