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Grown-Up Espresso Drinker

If you are an Anime watcher like i am, you would be like laughing at this title. If you have seen FLCL or Honey and Clover you will get this. ( if not try looking at them) well today runnin to the bus in my London Fog boots, i was drinkin "Black Boss" which is a Japanese espresso that older people drink. Well suppose to. I mean like over 35 drinks. lol In these anime they show that drink and says that the people in it are too young to be drinkin it. In Honey and Clover, they look at this girl in her mid to late 20s and she is drinkin it like its nothing lol they are saying shes older than she really is in mind and very mature.

I get the same thing. When im asked what im drinking and for the people who noe, they fall out they say " oh your so old wat? your going to be running after younger men? wait you already do that" lol I dont see wat the problem is I think I drunk it too fast cus i had a stomachache after but it went away lol so heres my store about me about how weird it is for me to talk about my agein state lol Another Coffeehouse Confessional.


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