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Orgainc Momma

Okay Okay I have to blog about this lol. I have this green organic cotton half sweater. ( im wearing it now btw) and I think the whole organic thing is the ish. lol I mean some things they do go over board wit. Some foods arent always good if they just stick the label " organic" up there. Some of that stuff woo its worse than the other stuff. Be careful they have articles on that. People run to those words and people are making a killing. Here are some things that I have to say that are making me love organic more.

Organic Shopping Bag

I see as I am gettin older that I am loving older things. I mean they say that those bags are for older people I mean not grandmas and stuff but u noe the late 20s early 30s folks well so be it! I mean I have a shopping bag from every store that sale them that I shop at. I mean it makes it easier cus I dont have 50 plasic bags. Then I get all fancy now and have the nice shopping bags. Not the supermarket ones the real bags. Yes I plan on getting a hello kitty one lol got to look cute ya noe.

Organic Cloths.

Okay, as I said in the beginning, I love my sweater , its light weight and I have no problem wit it when it comes to washing. lol I wish I had a house in the upper east side somewhere even in dupont so i could have a lil balcony and be able to hang my orgainc cloths when i hand wash them . Yeah you have to hand wash these if im not mistaking. Yes even organic panties got those too lol

Organic Food ( some)

I like the milk and the eggs because it doesnt make me sick. I guess it doesnt have the other chemicals in it, I mean I dont get that sick feeling. Then some fruit I just like the taste. Yes it has a taste heh that could be it also.

So see, its okay to change, just for the better I say.


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