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Wondering walk of realization.....

A few weeks ago, I got a visit from a friend. Which recently visited me Monday. Well, its like one of those rare things that I see this person, and its always on a rainy day. ( I guess that should tell me something) Anyway, we took a ride to Dupont Circle (DC) and we walked and went to a cool cafe I took another great friend of mine. Its called the "AfterWords Cafe" it is a book store/ coffeehouse/cafe( they sale alcohol thats good enough for me lol) in the back. It has interesting books in there and stuff really cool.

Anywhoo, it was fun. We actually had a conversation. I had just came for a drink but end up having a few and then he bought me the whole meal. I had lamb pot pie I think its good, and he did too lol. He had some kind of beef and stuff like that. His was good too lol. We laughed and then I wanted to show him something. He did whine about the rain cus some folks dont noe that when its raining you wear a what? Any answers folks?

Well I said " okay next time" knowing thats like 6 months down the road and I wont see him lol. But he surprised me when he said he wanted to go. I feel out . I nodded and took him walking around the corner. Showed him places I go and other things like business I take care of . Then we got to the place and it didnt take long for him to get the hint. Im proud of him for that lol.

Then again maybe I realized that it will be a dream if that ever happened. lol I know that maybe work is just something we both will marry ya noe? cus obviously it runs our lives. Him thats another blog topic that I will discuss very soon. catch you later.


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