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Wedding Fever............

Hey everyone............
watcha doing? Im okay I feel like today I can tell you about my lil dress obsession. I dont like dresses but I like wedding dresses ( you only wear it once) but I dont like traditional stuff again you know I dont lol. Some folks are shakin their heads some are nodding in agreement with me.....

I have a few fav wedding dress designers so as time goes on .....I will feature on of them ya noe? But its only like three or four. I love Vera Wang. Yeah if u noe me I have a lot of her stuff. But i first started likin her through her wedding dresses. I also love Reem acra. I love her the most and she will be featured today. Thats the two i can think off the top of my head I know funny. okay here are the stuff that u will see me wear hopefully shoes to match ya noe?

*thanks to www.aiseldash.com


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