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Quick fix confession


I had the morning off so like I decided to cook. My thing is, to have it as simple and quick as possible. Okay loves this  is how i do, my meals are super easy and under 20 min, it has to be unsupervised and good for my schedule. So this was 25 min, easy and left alone and still turned out so great. I also got a lot of work done too. I have to say everyone is this world has to know how to cook. There is not such thing as only girls cook , god made us in his image so we could do all. cooking is one , some of the best chefs  are men tell me something i dont noe. mmmmmmmm i love bobby flay and emeril ooooo lord lol 

So there, thats my take on a good meal that will sit in the refreig. cus i dont eat like that and i had a quick taste that left me as fast as i made it. Im glad i have friends who will eat it for me lol. Maybe one day u can invite me over so u can cook for me. I mean my cousin her husband is a great cook. omg i went to a party of theirs two weeks ago. He cooked a buffet of food i was drooling and it was so good . * they are Philippino * i loved it , its like wow i hope to find someone who cooks, tries to , or wants to. It would be a blessing lol.



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