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A Corner of the coffeehouse confessionals.....

Hey all,

I have to like take a deep breath and try to do this one.  I usually do pics and stuff but this has meaning all by itself . its like when you get your best friend and you sit at the farmost deepest side of the coffeehouse so that your confessions dont escape from both of your grasps. so this is to the best friend who i need to explain myself to. They know who they are. Here we go.......

I wanted to tap you everyday after school, to let you know that yeah im your best friend and yes im there.

I wanted to explain why i always had a smile on my face and how you being my friend was the best thing in the world.

I wanted to jump up and down and show you my A paper ( if i didnt  already lol) but i knew you had an A of your own.

It kinda sucked that I was a bit older than you, it didnt seem like anything in highschool but as we got closer to graduation, thats when it showed.

Everything happened to fast, i didnt know how to place it, i didnt really have a good goodbye. but its okay we are making up for it now, in our own blissful way.

When i finally put the pieces to the puzzle together and realized that hey soical networking brought us together again, i couldnt believe how much we both changed. ( though i still believe i havent)

So i confine my secrets into you and hope you do the same. Though we may never ever be together, we will deal with each others signifincant others and grin and smile like we care.

But when we really need sum one promise to always be there. I promise to be .

Never see me differently(try) and I will try to do the same.

I think thats one thing we can both agree on.



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