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New Years Eve

Hello all,

I bet you all have such a vast amount of plans huh?  Well yours truly did but things change you know. lol As far as im concerned I needed to take an assignment that would pay me money the day I was done. *yawns* Who doesnt want a nice check to bring into the new year? Just some computer work and just being nice and watchful. Hey I will be done on New Years Eve afternoon, maybe i could go a few places. I get daily email from Sheckys which is a NYC based website that deals wit fashion, partys and all sorts of trendy city things. This email today had a list of some places I planned to buy last min tix to. Listen to the names.

Kush-(L.E.S>) $100-$150
Katwalk( Midtown) $50 to $175
Escape( Times Square) $30-$170
Honey ( Meatpacking District) $90-$175
Bamboo 52 (Times Square, right near the ball drop) Free
Carlton Hotel (  Midtown) $35-$225
( Thanks to Sheckys.com/newyear/2010 )

All of these places include, drinks and omg so many things like drinks and food and private seating. The Carlton i would have to get a room after the open bar . Matter a fact I think all listed have open bars to 3am so its 9pm to 3am some u can even come to the after party which is after 12:30 so like its cheaper. I feel as thats for me. It suxs cus people you want to go with works all the time. See , i took this as a last minuet thing and will be done in time. Some folks dont even make an effort to make it. Hurts my heart. But heres a dress I guesss I wanted to wear when going out. Though i didnt even want one oh no cus its so very cold. my friend shes wonderful and will be a great designer one day soon gave me the idea and the dress is brand new still tags up there i just never had a place to wear it and i have wool tights and thigh high boots. (thanks hun!) hopefully ill make all these parties I have also been invited to. hum i forgot about that. lol heres a pic smooches see u in the new years huns!


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