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No Mastercard gift card fee

Early afternoon,

I was just reading on CNBC.com dat they aren't going to charge the $ 2 a month charge for having the card startin very soon. I'm like isn't that ironic, I just got one a few weeks ago lol. Funny aint it? I think they should like really consider these over draft fees and other fees cus of havin one bank of america is good for that. They get me cus I have stuff comin out the account u noe autopay they through in maint. Fees not mention dat I'm a student I'm not suppose to have charges like dat . So dat in turns caues me to overdraft I'm like wat in the world. They are all connected yes like 17 times ugh yes and none were my falt. I tell u I'm just over it u noe it messes ur credit report up ? Indeed. You can win anyway.


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