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Days off with a cold coffee and other surprises.

Hey all!. How is everyones long weekend off? I enjoyed mine. I got a great surprise yesterday . My nephew was born!. Yes he waited for me to be there and I have to say I am so happy that I got to see him. He is wonderful! I feel special because I was one of the first people to see him. Hes so tiny! wow I feel as if I dont need kids. There are so many in the family that I have a hand in raising that I dont feel like  I havent experience the feeling. But back to the blog. This blog is about the hot summer ahead and maybe what coffee one should drink. 

If you look in my pic above I am have a starbucks double shot. which was featured for the summer two summers ago and then it got discontinued. I was beyond upset and I still order it though some stores charge so much for it! I was told the right price that it should be charged by a manager , then I write them to tell them and they are like oh we are sorrwie its discontinued. I feel as they didnt care you noe? lol I mean seriously, I buy coffee faithfully everyday and thats all you can give me? sheesh . Anyway, Its a great example of a cold drink to drink instead of always running to a frap. or those types of drinks. 

If you are not a coffee addict like I am then you are so missing out! 


Erika said…
Congratulations Jennifer! You're the winner of the Like A Glove Giveaway! Stop by Cafe Fashionista to find out how to claim your prize!! :)

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