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A great conversation , over a cup of Americano

Hi all!!!!!

Isnt this a cute pic! its so real lol i took it Monday when a good friend and i were having coffee at the newest
"Chinatown Coffee Co." They sale Abstine , which is a high proof alcohol in a weird looking glass with a cool looking spoony thingy.  I tell you, drink that you will forget who you are in no time. lol.

Well anyways, this blog is about coffee house conversations. Or even whats my opinion of a great setting for coffeeish conversations.

I feel that you can even break questions like marriage and so on. I feel as you can break up in a coffeehouse and it can be less dramatic.

I think the setting should be nice music, because setting a mood for conversation is very hard.

You also have to have a subject , which just magically comes to you as you are chilling sipping or eattin what ever you have.

I tell you theres nothing like the urban ish atmosphere of a coffeehouse. I have been to different places and the best coffeehouses are in the city.

Its the variety of people. you dont know each other, and its something when you meet someone there. you feel important.

Try to find as many people to have a coffee date with and tell me about it. Maybe it can be you coffeehouse confessional.


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