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Coffee Cups and conversational things

Happy Sunday morning everyone

This is my 2nd Sunday in my new home and i must say i almost forgot about this blog! I think it will take time to get used to the bi-weekly thing. Its been rough and i am always on the go!. I must say that i spend a lot of time running around that coffee is becoming more of a comfort to me than anything. I hate to say that but in some ways it can replace a bf. lol u can talk to your coffee cup, you can tell it ur problems and them not question or not agree. They listen and if u break them u can get another.! And smells gud and always get a boost from them lol. What do u think?My fav are the espresso ones lol . so tiny! Heres a pic of todays rambling coffee confession. "coffee cups"You can guess where i got this from . It was a gift!


Tadakala said…
Hello!!!! how you doing!?
i found your blog very interesting and well done let me tell you,
it's amazing how you write about that kind of things, can't wait to see another one from you!!!

Best Regarding.
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