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Espressos and Cranberry blissfulness


So im done getting everything outta my grandparents home as far as stuff theres only furniture left! So my job is done and i felt and feel accomplished, 39 big bags to carry to the dump was hard. Im glad the last few I got help with, now I can lay here waiting to leave in the following weeks away from here, but on a brighter note, while im here in southern va i go get coffee everyday! I decided last night to sit and do all my hw due today so I wont be stressing this weekend I can chill. So I got my espresso on ice w/soy and a gentleman was leaving and said to take his spot its roomy since i had my laptop and bags and school book. I nodded i was happy to relax i was cleaning that house also yesterday. It was late evening and i wanted something  sweet, I got a cranberry bliss bar and omg it was heaven no wonder why u can buy it in trays I am before it leaves. A tray for me because i ate it so blissfully everything stood still and i got those papers done, now thats worth blogging about.

Happy Friday and have a blissful time every once in a while, you will want it more often.


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