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Coffee Confessions: I love Cupcakes

Hiya since my mood is in the air not bad not bad at all I will share another one.

Come , have a seat in the comer or our coffee house in our minds. Let me tell you another story. 

So my mother loves somethings at starbucks. She doesnt know the names but its so funny when she described them. so every year around this time a cream-cheese muffin comes out. Only in the cities though. She loves them so much but she calls them cupcakes. It took me a while to figure out what she was saying. 

Yes theres more, so one day during my daily routine at starbucks I spotted them. I wish I could buy them online and send them to her. But she will have to wait until she moves back up here and I will buy her one. Anywhoo I snapped this picture. 
and sent it to her .....do you see them ?? lol I know i was wrong lol 

Until next time.


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