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Coffee Confessions: Illy Coffee

Hey Coffee Inclined Individuals   

Ive missed you so much and I wanna do all I cant though Im busy running around , work, school work , life to stop and think. But today I get to do that and in stead of passing out I decided to do a few blogs I love you guys!!  so come on take a seat lets have a coffee confessional.

I have to tell you im an Illy coffee fan! Just like Starbucks they are close to my heart. I have to tell you how much Illy is lol I went to a store I shall not name yesterday and walked passed a sale on Illy. I stopped and knelled down to see. A pack of Four is $8 yes 4 cans lol and they are small. But looking closer I saw that they were on sale 2 for $5 I grabbed that and a refresher lol 

Wait theres more, I get in the line (self check out) and shes like no there $8 . Did I mention the line was long but it went quick. So I was like no put them back. I went to check and there was the sign 2 for 5 determined I went to her she looked at me like i was crazy and then send this girl to do a price check then saw I was right then asked the girl was it expired she saw my face (fight mode) and said no today is the last day. So i had to get back in the long line and then let her price change it. I may be small but I can fight lol I left it alone. smh Oh you know I emailed corporate. 

I think I will try to do these ever so often , the other blog has things like music mondays and dreaming of fridays so I will do coffee confessions here when i can im not setting a date lol as you can tell if you read my other blog it never sticks lol im posting dreaming of fridays now from last week that i did sunday and forgot to post. (sorry)


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