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Coffee Conversations 1:Evening coffee conversations....

Hey Everyone!!!

I decided to post today because I have a bit of advice that I want to get out there to people. I call this my coffee convo for short. I tend not to answer or comment on internet columns that I read because, you have very annoying people who think they are smart and want to say something hurtful back. That happened to me. I refer to my iPhone as " the two models back iPhone" which it is lol so I had mentioned in a post that I will throw it a mile when I get my hands on the new one. Apparently this person does not even get the joke or just wanted to be mean and say  that I needed a dictionary. Um .....first of all nothing was misspelled nor out of context. So, I corrected them. They were very smart not to reply to my thread because I would of dealt with them at that time. This was almost two weeks ago so eh..... I just laughed. People tend to be rude when they have stupid followers. I will admit I type and think so fast that whatever comes out is what I was thinking backwards. I get lazy or I am on a mobile device that auto corrects it. I also need spell check. I have a big vocabulary but okay some of my spelling of words that you do not use everyday ( or just typing fast) doesn't come out correct. But its one thing to do that, and one thing not to speak correctly. I may not perfect but I am far from ill speaking. I shouldn't have to explain myself should I ? Maybe I will get an editor. Or maybe I will laugh because I love me!!! So, I took a coffee-break, typed this and now asking you all if there's anything that gets under your skin that people say? Some people need a life. The internet has did nothing wrong, its the people behind it creating an issue. I am telling you, if you get judged for everything you do from certain peoples eyes, your life would be horrible. So be happy, stay positive and drink more coffee!!! and espresso!!!!! xxxxx


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