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A Coffee Blog Dedication Post

Hey everyone! 
I wanted to quickly do this post because I have to thank someone as I do every year since she isnt here or me to say thank you to. Today she would of been in her late 50s and she was my breath of fresh air.Many do not know that she is the one who gave me the idea for my coffee blog! So she deserves all of the credit. I dont like posting pic of my baby self lol Not because I wasnt cute its because shes in them. Missing her is real and you know each year I will remember that a blog is more than a bunch of opinions, its more on how you feel about things and sharing the good with the bad. And knowing that others feel as you do at times. 

                                           I keep this picture on my tablet background. She loved
                                           this picture, we we were just getting up she said.
                                                            Thats me !!!! So cute, ik ik
                                           And me now!! coffee is gold thanks mom and auntie
                                           This is me last year on my bday. She would of ate
                                            this pic up. I look like the baby she thought I was.

In all, thank you auntie for believing in my writing ability and others thank you also. So until next year and more pictures that I am currently digitally fixing, I will continue blogging. She would not want it any other way.

Your spoiled niece
Jen xoxoxoxo


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