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National Espresso Day

Hey Everyone

I had to do this before my day was out ( time zone) and I am glad that I know about this day, not only because I love espresso,it is because of all of the cool deals. For example Au Bon Pain has 1.99 espresso drinks everyday now, hey I cant wait to move back so I can enjoy my double shot. What is your favorite espresso drink? I love affragatos. I cant get enough.

For those who are new to the world of coffee , or fellow coffee drinkers who want to experiment, here is  a little background based on common knowledge on my part. Espresso is compressed coffee made by forcing steam through when making. So its coffee brewed by being forced with boiling water, therefore creating the pressure mentioned. If you ever sat in a coffee shop and watched them make it , its just as stated. You have to see it for yourself to even get the concept and as always I have nothing but love for my fellow baristas. As you see above I have gathered some of my fav espresso pics.I went back about 3 years, so its from three years until a few weeks ago. I need a cup now.......

Enjoy and drink more Espresso!!!!!


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