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Not so laid back coffee-break


Hi everyone. This is my ONLY day off and I have so much to do. I wish I could just sleep for a few hours and then take on the day with a positive bank account and out look on life. That's not the case, so on days like this, when I drag myself to Starbucks , in very laid back clothes  (which so doesn't suit my curves) I order smoothies to help with my poor lack of diet and immune system. Then before 2 pm I have my coffee fix. It seems to help a bit with my mood. Also since I am not a breakfast eater it helps me have something in my tummy. Starbucks, thanks for the introduction of kale in your smoothies. Cant wait until it comes here. Until then I had the Green and Orange ones. Oh and my lovely drink at the end. Today seems like its going to be one of those smoothie days.

                                                                     Starbucks Double-shot.
                                                                  Orange-Mango smoothie

                                                                         Green Smoothie

Until next time.....


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