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Sipping coffee and watching my options

Pic @ Whole Foods Market

Unless you have been under a shiny colored rock or on an island with no internet, you will know that there's a huge deal going on. What does that mean for investors like myself and also me as a consumer? I pondered this while getting my daily latte from Whole Foods Market. I feel like as my readers, that we touch topics that will change things such as the source of the coffee beans used at
Whole Foods.

 As a consumer who goes out and taste, explore and investigate coffee sources and ingredients, I was at first alarmed at the merge. From an investor standpoint, it's a great move. But as the letter Whole Foods sent to assure us that we would still have the same ingredients and partners in the store, I assure you that if there are new product's on Amazon or Whole Foods that I will be on top of it to share my thoughts on it.


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