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Happy 13th Blog Anniversary

 I mean * shrugs shoulders*  I had a lot going on, but I am here today, making sure I post this. I have never missed a post, and I still got photos to share because I didn't get to have the dinner or photo that I wanted.  Iced Red-eye from Vigilante Coffee  I never have the words to say other than thank you. Because I started this to have another writing outlet. This is my world, my world of a muse. When all is wrong, I can turn to this and not worry. I think that's why I never pursued a career in this. I am often asked why. It's the look on their faces when they realized that I have been around for 13 years and still doing it with little to no payout.  I didn't start it for that. This was before the whole Influencer thing.  Besides, I get bored with social media ( only Pinterest I love) and will not post.  I think year 13 was fun. I overcame a lot but still have al to go.  Over the years, so many highs and lows, but I look back through my blogs and see where I was in l

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