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Wants 2

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Emikos Weird Unexplained thoughts
Bronx, but ( resides in Washington DC), New York City, District Of Columbia , United States
Blogger for over 11 years !!!!!!( two blogs)Doctor of Business Student, New small business owner I live for God, Anime, coffee, rain boots, food and my cats.

Coffee and Alcohol

My Starbucks appreciation post

A new friend of mine

Starbucks Run: NYC & NJ

What came first? Coffee or Alcohol?

Ikea Family Coffee

Happy National Coffee Day

Happy 8th Blog-a-versary !!!!

Espresso Dreams and Cups

A group outing: Coffeehouse Lingo

Coffeehouse Shoutout!

Starbucks Daily Coffee Run: Carmel Espresso Granita

Peets Coffee Run: Coconut Blacktie

Quick catch up and insta-coffee pics

The Coffee Visual Effect

Pistachio Ice Coffee

Coffee Escalator Pitch

Whole Foods coffee break

A Leap Day Post

Monthly Coffee Poll Answer

Monthly Coffee Poll

Todays' drink

Coffee Confessionals ( Coffee obsession around the world)

Is Cold Outside Pt2 ( Drink)

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