Nothing to soothe your mind after a break up than Coffee

Well, today is okay. Everyone is like oh arent u glad to be a year old blah blah blah. Nah I dont care, I got a letter from someone saying that he has better things to worry about than us. Im like its a break up letter. I wanted to cry i mean right then cus I knew it. You cant be nice to people these days they repay u wit pain. But I am just idle and smiling cus I needed a sign I got one. So I am sipping a latte and im really starting to feel better. I mean I wanted to know and I thought it was better, but when they say in so many words that they dont care about you; thats what hurts you know? heh I need a drink my "social drinkin" days are startin to bore me lol. What will happen now? idk lol this is my coffee confessionals, and sadly its true.


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