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Changes for the better?

Well, when you get good news like being an Stockbroker paid intern you or me would be not only in tears but so pysed that we couldnt sleep. I fell out hard late this morning. I had the lotion from bath and body works and it works. Its called sleep and they have two and I have both , one detoxifies your body and the other is lotion that helps you sleep. I mean they both help you sleep. Anyway this blog is about change. Yes I mean change is surpose to be for the good isnt it? But its like if you are used to issues arising and not havin back up ( even your self not backing you up) then you see things like this as a very scary situation and people being the same as you but not tryin to cause any harm ( oximoron) isnt helping. Well when I get to where I can acturally talk and say I have it and keeping it and getting my first check, I can sigh a little. At the same time whats bad is that you know that this is your chance to make is somewhat right and if you screw it up......no no no POSITIVE! i am going to look forward like I have been and have faith and do what is right and i will b blessed rite? Thats what I know and believe in there will be a part 2 to this and 4,5,6,7 and so on mark my word im not going down without a fight. The devil is like on my door step and ima go right through him, thats how strong my faith in, you should get some that it will take you a long way, and take up where people fall short.


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