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Starbucks.com Wifi and my new Blackberry PlayBook

Hey everyone I am so glad that I can post more coffee post. I just got a new PlayBook and I am in love with it. To be honest if it wasn't for me going to this blackberry meet last week I wouldn't of seen it of gave it a second thought. It's very affordable and the only problem I have are some of the applications that are not yet developed on this platform.  Anywhoo I took it for a test drive sat and today at two different Starbucks and it's nice to have, my BlackBerry phone syncs to it and I can use the phones keypad to type.I love it. I am horrible with touch screens. Lol I yet again received my sweet fifteen drink free at
starbucks lol . Well that's all for now,next post will continue on my coffee filled life,most of all I can share it as its happening.

Drink Happy


renkko said…
i love coffee so much! it give me strenght to exist, haha :)

nice blog, would you like to follow each other? :))
I admire those coffee shops who have a fast Wi-Fi connection. It shows how they value their customers who avail of this service on their laptops & phones. Actually, we don't have to bring our laptops whenever we go to a coffee shop because we already have our Blackberrys with us. :)

Kelly Brueggemann

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