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Bronx, but ( resides in Washington DC), New York City, District Of Columbia , United States
Blogger for over 10 years !!!!!!( two blogs)Doctor of Business Student, New small business owner I live for god, anime, coffee, rain boots, food and my cats.

East Village- Greenwich

I have to talk about one of the places that if I had money I would love to live. Since I am a native of New York, you cant take that out of me no matter how far I am from it. But I want to tell you a little about a dream I had. Some of you are going to laugh ( and dnt comment up here but tell me how u liked it lol) I like vintage items and Asian house wares. Yes I have a collection that my mother and I have picked up for me lol yes its that bad. so when I finally get this apartment together I can put all of this stuff in here. I love it though. I think it will only take up one part of the wall. Lol I need more. But my dream was about me getting an apartment in the West or East village. My house was so nice yes and very spotless. I had a little tiny fire escape that I could grill on. And my loving ,country best friend was with me. Lol I mean I can show you what I had in my apartment. And we went to the ikea ( yes im an Ikea nerd to the end) in Brooklyn and drove it home lol ( the boroughs are beside each other fyi) oh what a dream. Lol


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