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Blogers Block and eattin crushed ice.....

In a daze I am. I finished my cup (huge cup) of espresso. I was tellin a friend i dont need a drink espresso fills that in. I just commited on someones blog that i have bloggers block. heh u dnt noe wat dat is? I havent completed a blog in like a week. I am havin issues, thinkin that bloggin would be the best remedy. oh well....now im just eattin the crushed ice that is left from my drink. Cant wait to go to new york the end of da week ( hopefully) *sighs* I am doin everythin not to do my accountin hw which is hard. lol final project and i have lost as the day i first started the class. need a 70% to pass. omg u noe wat ? i need to get and ok grade on this project. i am a perfectionist but this accountin class has done me in. i have accepted that i cant be good at everyting. never been the math wiz but i could do certin concepts in math that others cant. but the simple stuff went over my head. i over thought it . like im doin now. *closes eyes* i think ima acturally post this blog lol .
Im just hurtin all over idk y. my wrist hurts. ugh lookin at my costume for the anime convention comin up north. it cost a lot of money to get it altered oh well i dont have time to make anything wanna c? werid huh? u r too lol thats y ur readin this. im out.

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Anonymous said…
Don't worry too much about your homework, just do what I do, stay up till 3am working on it. At least that way you don't feel rushed and it helps me think more smoothly. And yes, sometimes I do get the bloggers block, haha.

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