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Coffeehouse Confessionals 3

Im telling you this story because I told a friend that I was going to blog about this. lol I fell out laughin when i thought of what to say in this blog. but it is defiantly true and happened an hour ago. Well i came in with my grey skirt, pink shirt, black tights, pink rain boots, pink jacket under my gray one with my umbrella and had two cups of coffee. one cold and one on ice. oh i forgot to mention my pink scarf and black gloves ( my niece has my pink ones) oh did i tell u i hate the color pink? lol anyway i sit in the back corner of starbucks as always cus i dont want to be seen and everyone who sat beside me in the chair or near me said the same thing looking at me smiling.
" Its raining outside isnt it?"
so i answered
"Yes it is"
yes they said that! i dunno if it was idle talk or wat but it made me laugh cus they all said the same thing. lol did i metion they were all men? lol yeah werid things i can blog about with that. and this my friends is another coffeehouse confessional.


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