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Great job... you guys

You know i have to comment on a band i went to see tonite. I was a lil weary of going cus i am not a people person, but i felt fine when i got there. extremely tired but i was happy to see my friends play.yeah its cool when u can call talented people ur friends ya noe? I want to now just say thank u to the four of them it takes a lot of time and effort to do what u do u guys! man someones gotta do it.
I think they have the cutest name "sea sleep" im like thats too very cute lol if it was in French it would be like :dormir mer"( dnt quote me) something like i didnt probably put it right but u noe dat i noe that i noe French. lol anyway i wanna say keep up the good work guys and sometimes good bands dnt need to hit main stream they lose their flare. most do but some dont. i noe a few ive seen b4 they were famous and i noe u all may noe them, they still sound like i saw them at the mercury lounge and other places. oh i forgot to say i met new friends and some old ones. wanna give a shout out while i can thanks girls!
Hum this wraps it up. just wanna say thanks again i loved the basement where it was held. Under a cyber cafe. i couldnt help but ask for coffee lol i was dying. im half death btw but its ok i have an excuse besides the hundred of others to ignore people lol im suppose to be sleep lol wow that was funny. lol shhhh dont tell anyone im still awake and doin work lol .
last, when u put feeling in a song whether ur screamin or singin ,rhymin or just being poetic, a song isnt a group of random people puttin things together.it is all about the feel you all have together and what you have wit the music more importantly. the rest falls into place. that is the key to a great band. keep it in mind. great job u guys


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