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One word "Google"

I have to say this before i start ranting and venting to people about it tomorrow. okay i was looking at "Mad Money" which is my fav show so I am looking at the forecast for stocks blah blah blah and then jim says that he has the dude from google. I am a big fan of google so im like dude he has Mr.Schimit up here i gotta see it. So he was talkin about talkin to obama and stuff like that and how he would turn down being chief tech officer for the gov to run google. I was nodding i really have faith in this dude im lovin the stock. it like tripled its per share value of what they were sellin it for.
I think that if you can turn down an office chair you can really help the company run the way it does today. Then i was at starbucks with a friend and i noe he had no idea what i was rantin about, but i read in the ny times that Mr. Schmit have a positive outlook on goolge , its just turnin 10yrs old. i remember i told my friends and family like in 2000 when it went public ( dont quote me) that they should buy it when they had money. hey do people listen? nope i kept sayin it over and over between aol, google, and yahoo back then i was younger and tech was also so i knew that i would be addicted to these things when i got this age lol. what can i say i love what i do. anyway he said that he loves runnin the company in bad times. im like see again i love google. a real person sees that if u can love the good times u can know that there are bad times to go wit it and to take it wit a grain of salt and fight it the best fun postive way u can. i like that about him.
I also read that him and yahoo tried to team up the but antitrust people go in what in the world? im like ok two popular search engines blah blah blah so that didnt happen no merger i was plannin on gettin married wit that money i made from those stocks combination man * sighs( anothe thing. im not crazy about the microsoft/ yahoo thing. im also not a big fan of Microsoft but u live and love the hatin the shares u bought in it. enough said lets move on to bigger an better things. oh for those who say this isnt a coffeehouse confessional i got this blog in my mind while i was sittin there. people.......


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