One word "Google",,,,,,Pt 2

I was like readin da new york times...again hey i get it free im like so broke the word broke still isnt discribin how broke i am lol. anyway, u noe im obsessed wit GOOGLE
( btw stock abr. GOOG its selling for like $310.02 a share) anyway I was reading about the voice system they have now. Im like omg you can hold you iphone up ( oh did i mention its only on iphone but other phones lata) and say " wheres the nearest starbucks?" and it will give it to you in your area. I think its cool. You know it isnt perfect but its close. They said it was coming soon, but last nite i was looking at bloomberg and guess wat? I saw a commercial for it. Im like " man word gets around quickly dont it? I think i should be like a financial analysts for Google lol if you have like 100 shares of it how much do you think it cost? ( hint: $310.05*100) sounds like a lot but nah 500-1000 shares are better. lol Yay go Google!

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