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Blackberrys are Sexy...

I was reading a newspaper a few months ago and they were asking wat your fav phone was. It was either the Iphone or Blackberry pearl/curve. This was b4 the storm and the bold. I have the clipping of that blog. thats what got me into blogging in the first place. Reading the blogs in the newspaper and I know I have a lot to say typing. lol But to tell you the truth, I forget what I write cus i do so much. Anyway back to this topic.....

If you know me or somewhat about me or anything about me you know that I am very technologically inclined. Also if you know that you know that all I talk about is the Blackberry. lol I think they are so sexy lol. Makes me feel it. okay some women have their cloths or a certain bra. Nah I have the blackberry bold lol. I mean im not into touch screens, but im in love wit the blackberry storm, wishin it was on my network lol

Well ima wrap this up cus I have to go act like an adult lol. But catch me sometimes and ill give u a run for ur money when it comes to what other technological items I am in love wit. I mean I would marry a ibook in a heart beat, but thats another blog. lol Hey I know some of you can relate dont look at me like that !....please . lol im crackin me up well thanks again for readin until next time. please love ur cellphones i love mine so very much.


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