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Coffee Revelation

You know when you have a close friend well this time its a girl friend and they wanna go to the coffee shop and "talk" its either one of two things....

Relationship issues,

I am one who has that problem friends wit girl isses wit their boyfriend. Im like okay momma lets hear it. and I sit and I analyze and i nod and do wat i can and most of the time i can help them solve it. At times it takes me longer meaning more cups of coffee, time, effort and did i mention money? well i have to say that i am confused about women and men lol. why why start something and it goes wrong u are mad or u think ur right and put it in their face. its like omg we are two again lol no more like 5 i have to give some people credit. Does this sound like rambling... thats how conversations are...


Im sorry but 90% of my friends have kids or are having them. It leaves me to say okay wow. or you have a select two who dont know if they want their kids or not. Hey pro life has been an issue for years. If you believe in a god like i do, should there be that type of revelation. Its more on a moral standard also. I was just listenin to a song by the Digable Planets. Oh i noe old its called la femme fetal which la femme is a girl woman young woman. sorta like my age. ( see 14yrs of french paid off) lol anyway its about a girl in a relation and how she doesnt want her child and that everyone at the clinic is giving her a hard time. then it goes on to say that its your choice a child born into a bad situation is bad and not born at all is good. well lets think logical on this. if you are in a bad situation , dont have your shit together, then what do you do? dont sleep wit anyone . as harsh as that sounds if u dont have ur self together dont put yourself in that predicament. I mean hey u were not doin it well at least the first 16+ years of your life. somethings u shouldnt whine about if u leave it open for it to happen or knowingly go into a situation and it happens. its called deal wit it adoption or other methods. a lot of it is knowing but not caring. or not at that moment. who wants to push a stroller? I sure dont.....

Two sad revelations I dont feel like being bothered with. I need a boy who can at least agree wit me in my last blog. Im takin applications lol interviews to start in eight months.....


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