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Early Morning Confessions letter 1

Morning,dear ( your name here)

I have to write you a letter. Hi how are u? Im fine im at starbucks. lol no I havent sleep and no i dont plan on sleeping and ive been up all nite/ morning and i had fun talkin to a friend of mine. lol yes like a 6 hr conversation. lol another friend of mine took me out on the town and i was very happy. i went to cosi and i cried cus its a coffeehouse and it was heaven. I had an iced espresso, house coffee ( big cup of coffee) blueberry pomegranate smoothie and a chix Cesar salad lol yeah i eat werid dont i lol .

Yes we went to get some other great food that was from new Amsterdam. Yes i will get back with you with the name lol. I love the weather btw its gonna be 68 today! i noe in the end of dec ima be so sick lol im so going out today i like being out on nice days. everyone is like go to sleep im like sleep for me. lol am i wrong? is the sky yellow? i have also realized that i love urban life. also that people have issues some worse than others but at times hearing their problem makes u feel better cus it shows u care and it shows me when u do something about it for them or at least be there.

I want to go on vacation. lol i mean come on do i need one? i think that i need a chill pill break but like a friend said i need to try to solve some of my issues cus takin a vacation from them prolongs me from solvin some of the easier ones and i will keep tryin to use that as a way out. do you agree? i must thank him * blows kiss* and thanks you * blows kisses* for reading. did u have a gud day yesterday? and wat about today did u wake up hot cus ur heat was still on lol well on to my next thought. let me noe how that is. oh and you how to reach me if you wanna talk im always here.

I have to mention some songs i really love for this week. I mean i have like 2000+ on my itunes lol but i downloaded the Foo Fighters " Pretender" im loving that lol and Lady GaGa "Just dance" and Kate Nash " Pumpkin soup" um and Kevin Rudolf " Let it rock" and Gnarles Barkley " Run" and Interpol " NYC" " Obstacle 1" and " obstacle 2" and all of the polysics i have their whole discography lol oh and My Chemical Romance "Helena" i love that song i guess ive had recent family death and can relate and their song " in not okay" if u only knew wat it was bout. google that btw. you know my fav Linkin Park , Orgy, Gwen Stefani , Madonna lol oh and Gavin Degraw and Perfume , man so much I cant name all of them.

Well, ima end this letter and say that i miss u and keep in touch u noe i worry of you. dont be a stranger and im here for you. always even if i cant stand u or i told u some mean things cus i am very mean.You can come dance wit me though lol ima fall out cant u feel it? lol im out

Sincerly Not Yours,


Ps: Write bac plez


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