Espresso Revelation....


Well its gettin ready to be afternoon so its konnishiwa. Well im here in starbucks in the back lol im so happy to say i am having the espresso blend! yes lord i love it so much. I feel as this is wat makes me smile lol. How do I drink it? oh with sugar thats it lol. Ugh i need people are stressing me out. I mean its got to be a boy thing. They say women have mood swings and men dont are there men making these studies? Cus they do im tired ugh if im one mood i am pretty much the whole day. I dont need to swich moods or anything. I will deal with things myself because it seems people care either when they want or how long or to a certin existent or just think that ur over reactin. oh when they want to dont work like that. oh not to mention they want u to care about their issues all the time. who am i? im not ur shrink. its a shocking but true revelation. ( this isnt to the few people who take the time when i tell them im fine to listen, and im not sayin i dont like listenin its just dont get mad when i dont have time for once not to listen to u certin people)

I cant write long have to go in 15min . im tellin u that this damn wifi at starbucks takes u so long to get loggin that its time to go when ur finish loggin on. then they have days like Friday when it kept going out. Im like i am payin for.....crappy wifi lol

Oh I have to tell u about my new crush. oh he is so hot and u noe wat u can like get him with a lot or a little depends on how much u are willing to spend. I love my mac lol yeah i mean i would marry him if i could lol. I mean i am a huge apple fan come on i wouldnt of made a big deal out of its stock in late 1990s 2000 i wish i was in the money then and knew as much as i know now. I would be swimmin in that and google stocks lol anyway thats my cooky 44th post! cant wait to 50! I have to go now catch me if u can.


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