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Going Vintage Hairstylish day today.

okay the title is alittle confusing? oh well keep reading lol you will get me soon enough. I was on the phone early this morning, and I knew I had to get up early and that i was going to go through the same werid day like i always go through, full of emo glasses filled men/boys and coffee and iced espresso.

My friend who is in NC this is for you, see i dedicated a whole paragraph to u. I have to cus u actually tell me word for word what i have written and that means a lot. more than other people i want to read ya noe. I always hear oh i like this and that can u do this and that for me. All i want are simple things in life, like reading my blog, babe u have capture my heart lol my blog personality of me.

Oh guess wat! i noe what i ate Saturday when i went out wit a friend it is falafel. It is mashed chix peas and stuff. see * shows card* i even have a frequent falafel eater card im special. lol thanks again to the people who made that happened. lol oh and that cool bar i went to. oh another thing it was in NW DC! yes between Dupoint Circle, MT Pleasnt and somewhere eles that just escaped my mind. oh btw im in Maryland lol. NYC was surpose to be for the end of the week. Things, work, life change, I guess im stuck here.

I have these new ring tones. lol afta im having issues wit the phone, lol im glad i have another phone to fall back on. lol im tellin u dont throw ur old phone away cus u got a new one. old tech is always there like an Ex that you cant find a really mature reason why you broke up or a reason why age hasnt changed it. oh speakin of that i was listein to the radio, i was mad cus it shows me how men think well some. if u get married you have to split ur bills down the middle and it isnt oh this is all my money i give when i can. no its called u work i work we make sure we know each others bills and the bills we share we split down the middle. like we have a bank account just for that. cus its simply immature to say oh well this is my money and u have urs and we just pay as we go. no no no!!! i mean u wanna sleep wit me but u blow money off like its nothing did ur mom not teach u the value of money. thats gotta be the problem wit relationships and i see.

I guess i thought of it but at the same time something as simple as having a joint bank account for your household bills and then ur own and not blowing money off. oh and to go and talk to each other when u have a big problem not goin to blow money on somehting that is still shitty at the end.( like someone i noe 8,500 i wanted to choke him and im not married and the car is still shitty) anyway, let me go on and explain this title cus i have to go...

Vintage is old, a hairstyle is more than just ur hair its like all people see and it makes u at times. So I am havin a mature moment that can change the outlook on how i look on life. Smart huh? IDK i just thought of it. lol catch u lata thanks for reading again.


Ella Scott said…
Hello! This post couldn't be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!
hairdresser in Edinburgh

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