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Random Blahs 1

I have decided to start these too since im drinking a cappuccino while thinking about this stuff. Its random things that isnt considered a werid thought but its more of a passing thought of things that happened to me that i am going back over my head and analogize.

Past Engagement

Was I really engaged? Or was that just a ring that magically appeared on my ring finger? Maybe its a dream. Im sorry Was a dream. When I threw the ring against the wall when I heard the news of it not being so, thats when reality hit me and i realized that i deserved better. I hope that is the case.....makes you want to hate that word forever and stuff but im Jennifer I have a werid way of coping.


First off, im not a cookie, cake, or pie eater unless its cheese cake. I prefer candy not chocolate just taffy and stuff like that. so why did i bake cookies 8 this morning? *shrugs* maybe i just had a cookie moment and thats why they are sittin on the stove until my nieces get home they will eat it . lol i ate two thats it lol well 1 in a half still tryin to eat this second one..

My cell phone

I was trying to help my mother by copin her numbers to her sim card how did i end up gettin her sim card and her mine? i dont noe im still happy no one called, i wouldnt of known if my niece tried to call me and my mom answered the phone ( we dont live together) so she told my niece that we switched sim cards on accident. I think when i was tryin to show her how to take her sim card out , I used my phone as an example and got the cards mixed up. so much for being helpful lol


I get a lot of email, and the funny part, they are all for me lol. I am important. Yes people fail to see that I am lol or better yet i have my hands in everything. At times i just sit and watch the emails as i scroll down to see which person i feel like answering first. I need a vacation, i need a drink, i need a lot of stuff id rather not say lol


I just realized that im in love with Shia Le bouf. lol yes i mean i love frankie muniz i guess cus they are my age group and they remind me of my friends. and they are very handsome. I went to see Eagle Eye and between being paranoid and intrigued, I was drooling looking at Mr. Shia . again im not those crazy omg hes so dreamy fans, i respect him i can see him being a friend of mine, i guess i see important people as i would see everyday people, but i have moments lol hey wat can i say im a girl.


I have this umbrella and it has drinks up there. well cocktails. My fav one ( cosmo) is up there. I just had two last Thursday wit a nice friend. Hope hes doing okay. oh i wrote the poem thats on one of my blogs about him. *hint hint* and its raining today i guess im enjoyin it so much plus my wedge blue pokadot rain boots. u cant go wrong wit it.

Color Coordination

In not matching today . I dont think i care lol I love everything I have on and so do other people, again i dont care. do u wanna noe the colors? purple, pink, blue and they are all in each thing i have on, from my dress to my leggings to my rain boots hum look at the time i have to go act like an adult lol


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