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Skinny Latte

Well friends, my niece is havin a party its Jan 10th and its very formal. We went to get her dress yesterday oh its beautiful my fav color. ( orange btw) I will post pics! of the party. Um to tell you the truth I havent got my dress yet. ugh...... my issue is? im a little on the curvy side. Yes I have to wear wide stuff cus i cant wear the regular size. I went to myshape.com and im a combination of two sizes well shape of women so I can have a long range in sizes. They ask you to measure everything i did last nite, and now i have my sizes im glad cus i really dont change much i pray to stay dat way.

cus im top and bottom heavy. *yawns* im tellin u its depressin. I was thinkin that i should continue my crash diet and drink skinny lattes lol yeah i feel as why get coffee in da first place if it has to skinny, when it starts to miss stuff it isnt good ya noe?

So now im on a hunt for my dress lol i want it short and puffy, yeah so i can wear platforms. lol well im guessin that i wont be havin that skinny latte, ill just keep doin what i do im a yoga and belly dancin goddess u noe my nieces theme is "Arabian nights" ha! lol catch ya lata.


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