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Steamed soy milk in my coffee....oh and hirin a tutor?

Ohayou again everyone. I have to say that today is a good day lol. Um ........the fact that its nice weather. I noe everyone is like oh im tired of the rain and stuff. I actually like it to tell u the truth its called inspirational weather. To help u remember who u r and where u should be. I went to starbucks dis morning, and like i asked for a cup of coffee and it was the morning pick. I havent figured out what it is yet. lol I asked the nice lady for soy milk she steamed it for it me and put it in my cup. Thats nice u noe? Then some dumb...yeah he was mad cus he had to wait for the bathroom key. Then yesterday, this old lady yes I said old lady, was like I cant have old coffee i just cant. Im like it aint old lady, u got the cup after me and they had just brewed it. We looked at each other and I turned and the people sittin looked at her cus she was lookin dumb. She was about to say something to me and i was like , dont even lady u got problems theres another starbucks down the street.
People these days. Oh and to top it off, let mw tell u what happened.Well happily failing accounting I have to take it again JOY! well i went to hire a tutor and i almost screamed. Okay its a $55 one time fee, then on top of that, its $60 and hour so im like I will have to have this person do it like for an hour about twice a week, for like "X" amount of weeks adding that up that comes to......drumroll please...$1080 for the semester I have a short semester. Ugh It may be more cus i dont get jack lol. but im glad I day trade lol my friend was gonna help me pay for it lol isnt that sweet? he should all the mess hes put me through, ok thats another blog. I have to go, check u lata wanna say thanks to everyone who reads it.

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