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Venting and Complainin Pt1

Okay I have to put a venting on this blog also. lol Yes I feel i have to vent today and I hope u read this and notice what im saying for all of you smart people out there who support me in your own special way. Here me out ....


First of all, a vacation doesnt consist of me running around for u , or me or anyone else. it means leave me alone let me discover sleep again lol It also means dont get mad when I dont talk to you on the phone or take the time to even say hi to you. Im not being mean i am just taking a reality check.Dont worry its just when I get there the first day. I hate begin bum rushed . To this day I havent had a decent vacation yet. What is the definition of it again?


When im told im immature, i run and look it up in the dictionary then i let people know what i was told so that they can laugh. They call me too mature at times. One who says that does it because of what you are not doing for them or doing right and get that word twisted. I prefer the word open-minded on things. I am really. Another thing the last time i checked i act nothing like anyone my age. Yes i have moments but hey im not perfect. I remember when i was younger I acted immature on purpose cus I thought it would make things better . yeah from 16-18 I got the realization then When i stepped the foot well both feet firmly in the real world cus i already had one foot out in it, I changed gears and now a few years later look at me lol So that is a bunch of crap. I am here for business and to get things done and to make something of myself, if thats immature then they are. I think that one takes their own course in life and chose wat they want to do and it isnt necessary wrong unless it is text booked down that it is. wat do u think? oh i think others should get out of the past. im different. im tellin u 16 that age changes u.


You know what? the last time i checked I pay my own bills I have many stock accounts im a day trader and I manage all of them. To top it off I have two degrees and I am getting certified to be a trader. So that means I can go to school for watever the world i want right? okay just checking. I dont want to hear what everyone else is doing. doesnt mean i want or will be good at it. The harsh reality is that we all are born to make choices and nothing says u cant do it unless again something is physically or mentally stoping u from doing so. I rest my case.

Chai Tea Latte

Dont ask me wat im drinking to try to get my number. Cus ima look at u like ur crazy if ur not my type. Its one of those bleak looks or a smile but a smile that will cut your very soul. heh does that sound mean? I mean I cant drink in peace anymore. I mean its on my nerve. Lets see.....if im on my laptop and you are also and we make an eye contact smile for heaven sakes! people these days....

Dress and purple lip gloss

I bought this dress ive been wantin and i was patient and got it as low as it was going. This doesnt mean im a girlie girl it means i noe at times i have to be one and plus it looks great wit my rainboots lol. another thing, if u dont think im a tomboy then ur sadly mistaking. These days people think of them as the ones who have girlfriends and crap. nah im the type who isnt gonna skip around in pink and stuff, i guess im ruff around the edges but in my own way. cus i will fight u wit a dress on dont make me a bit of difference. moving on....

Why I wrote this....

I did this not only to vent but to set some people strait. I mean why debate and argue I dont have time for that. I explained and I have came saw and maybe again got my point across. If u beg the differ oh well this is my blog lol

Sincerely not yours,



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