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Dreary Night

Dreary is a word that describes how i feel right now and also how it is outside. I took a shower b4 i ran back out the house, and like omg i put this detoxify lotion on. On top of that its surpose to make u sleepy,ur surpose to inhale it. I inhealed a lot puttin it on, so thats why im sleepy. Ive talked about this b4 idk which blog, but this one is the other one to the set i have.

I am very very overwhelmed so all i do is just yawn.Its like a lot can happen and is happenin so how does one deal wit it? You can decide to change it, try to change it, or do nothing at all. I prefer to think of it over a cup of coffee. I prefer to blog about it,maybe someone will get the hint.

Ever felt that "not wanted" feeling? I mean its the worse thing in the world. Also when you help people and like you are down and need their help until u can get it together cus u are dis way with help from them and other sources and all they worry about is what you can do for them? See? do you see why I am the way I am? Got all of these bills, always had to pay other things and other stuff, ur alone. im alone. its sad. I need a coffee break on this dreary nite.


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