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Gin and Tonic

Well I have to say that I need a drink. I think im going to get one after im finish this post. u wanna come? well i tell people that tonic and mean a mixture and also tonic is a type of water so when u have gin and tonic u have gin with the tonic water. lol great educational reference right? take notes.

I am in a horrible mood. I guess im just stressed out. I dont have my friend(s) here to comfort me or at least act like they get wat im sayin while im takin 100 mph . lol ugh its crazy I feel as nothin is gettin better. school ugh i need 500 by the end of jan. tell me do anyone do i owe us?

I feel as I was born the wrong time. I just cant seem to get a little of what i want. as bad as that sound hear me out. From trying to do whats right to acturally doing all i can for others,it backfires and im left pickin up the pieces. A fellow blogger wants to go to alaska. I think i wanna be an eskimoess lol i noe not a word.

i am drinkin my chai tea late hit so u noe how i feel for those who actrually noe and pay attention to my coffee mood patterns ( hint: see the first few post to find out what mood a latte is) i have to go now. im cold and im sittin in this corner i want to scream. i wish i could sleep im so very tired i never have time for that.

Damn sniffles.....*snifs*


Anonymous said…
I know what you mean about trying to do the right thing and all that. Sometimes it's hard but I think it's best if you keep working at it. I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

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