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Okay this is the last post! i had to say this cus i love dis band to death. they are one of a few that are from my home town that i love so much. I saw them at the mercury lounge! yes. im listening to "obstacle 1" now I have their discography. yeah i really love them. Oh and its interpol for those who dont noe lol

You know what? their song NYC is so true. I guess u have to really ride the subway and be like oh i c what they are sayin and stuff. anway do u have a fav group or singer , rapper (like for me its nas ) that u love dats from ur hometown?

Maybe ur from where im from or close do u think we have the same taste? lol maybe not. But songs like PDA makes it all worth the while of being a new yorker. Im the definition of werid excuse me when im havin issues all i want is for u to try to understand lol and deal wit me lol


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