A poem.......

Okay....a fellow blogger yet again told me to do this. write a poem about how i feel usin this damn toothache as my metaphor. wooo its like sayin go and do an open heart surgery its that hard for me to do a poem but im in a lot of pain here i go....remember all my poems are like stories.

Dreary Meaning....

I hurt as i hang up wit a once called friend. As my heart sank my brain writes down another failure in my book of dreams.

I close my eyes to get rid of the pains and again i see them in my dreams.

I look for guidance in a higher source i guess its not time for him to intervene.

As I shake the naggin pain from my head i try to bring my heart back up to make me stronger than I once was.

I think I can get through this, yet the pain again wins the arugment and i ache again.

I let the radio stay on repeat as i now decide to stay in this musical daze, the pain seems to go along wit my comfort front.

I think that I have learned to like the lil things about me like my ablilty to write when im distort.

So excuse me while i turn another page in my book of life maybe some things maybe never change but at least some will.

Thanks for the motivation fellow blogger


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