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Red Velvet Cupcake......

I am not a cake eater,but every once in a while i will eat it or a cupcake. I dont like all kinds either. Lord i dont usually fall over for cake but oh starbucks now sales red velvet cupcakes and i think that i am going to fall over. Yes red velvet cupcakes with the white frosting!!! im bought it wit out thinking and then i cried as i ate it.

Its done now. it was like $1.85 and then i had a cup of their cosi celo blend. I feel so very very complete now I had to text the whole world not to mention blog about it. A way to my heart isnt flowers and chocolate cus i dont like it, but it is a red velvet cupcake oh and laffy taffys' they are great!!!!

Dont take me to an expensive restaurant sushi is fine ( at times thats a lot) I like different types of food buffet is even better , like the international one cus i pick over my food and i never eat everything and i will eat urs before i eat my own, ask friends who has experienced it. lol Anyway look for that cupcake at starbucks honeys i noe u will feel the same if u like that type. get it warmed also lol i cant eat it cold. lol


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