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Toothache....and other pains...

Here i go again another blog. I noe I noe, maybe its a surprise to u all. But I have to blog cus I just got the most fucked up call in my life. Yes and u noe I had to blog about it. K if u noe me u noe that I have my issues who dont? and only a few people i will acturally say something to about it. well u get some who gets moody or wat the fuck ever and like throws it all back at u...hence why i prefer to alone.

Okay u may beg the differ and im sorry. I mean then u got some who ask for help then I guess its not goin the way they want it gets mad tells u to back off, other stuff and u see where they are really from. Yeah i could cry, cus this person actually took something im still havin issues wit and throw it in my face but im not. I could say names but i wont, i could do a lot but he will c. I still really think that his band has so much talent and I wish them the best. My friends are kinda upset that they wont see the group but they totally understand and we all send our best wishes hope u four go far. maybe when u get older u can play at "the venue" wit only cover wont have to pay to play there.

anywhoo, ima go wit only this to say......life is a bitch true, and maybe im a depressed, dark, obessesive wit helpin others who ask for my help person. but thats not why my ex fiance left me for the person who said that u really dont noe it kinda was like how u act very immature , confused and didnt noe what he wanted to do wit life. so i adviced him not to get wit me and u dont have ur shit to at least be a husband and maybe he got one of ur temper tantrums and saw that he couldnt take it so he left like u. again ur not worth cryin over like he wasnt.

this damn toothache


Anonymous said…
You should write a poem using the toothe ache as a metaphor for how you're feeling.

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