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Brokein Coffee Mugs

I am so mad and sad. The kids have broke all of my mugs. I mean its so hard to catch starbucks mugs on sale. I got the limited addition ones also. I am very sad. The last one was just broken today and i would of never know if i didnt see it stickin out the trash. I guess that I wont be havin my coffee. Cus all of them are broke. I mean its upsettin it is........

I am takin a deep breath for four seconds and then releasin for 6 sec and just realaxin im too tired to care lol. I want to lay down for a bit. before the phone rings, or the text sound rings in my ear. Mentionin that i have to use my niece other phone sadly cus i have danmage to mine again. It is so maddiin lol thats another blog for another day like tomrrow lol.

Broken Coffee Mugs anyone want to buy me a new one? i'll be ur new best friend. and we can sit and a drink coffee and then i can blog it and it will yet another coffee house confession.


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