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Weekend Bliss Pt 1

Its 62 degrees outside. Im am loving it! its not too cold not too hot! I have to kick off this wonderful weekend with part one of my " Weekend Bliss" blog series. I feel as some days after a week of utter and total...non bliss that you need a moment to realize. I went to the doctor this morning. lol yes it was early. The doctor made a point well she made great points. The first one she made was to get my medical records get a copy and then go and get them transferred. lol Im on it Monday, yes I promise.

Another thing was that I was wearing my stress on my face. I hadnt noticed it until she said it this morning. She was like I woke up wit it. So obviously I went to bed with it. *sighs* very true. I didnt eve noe wow. She said take a deep breath hold it four seconds. release for 6 seconds and do that in the morning and in afternoon and when im having a rough time. She says it resets my brain. lol It calms it. Ive heard it before and she is so right. I will listen to her. I think I need one now.

Wow as im typin the temp went up to 64! I hope my friend comes today so that we can have a play date. We rarely hang out we are both so busy. *smiles* I see him very rarely . We got into it cus I said that hes immature and he throws tantrums and yes i showed him. I wish he would get that i want him to act 24 not 4 and that i care its not to be mean who wants to marry a 4 yr old? *sighs* im very stressed i am indeed! i see I do wear it!

Everyone is calling I guess i have to get up and go? nah * shakes head* not right now lol i feel as i need a break . Even afta all of that I am in bliss. I wish I had the time I will have to go soon. Do you know what the world bliss mean? And I quote from www.wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn " A state of extreme happiness." yes Indeed I do have some type of it and im not letting anything get me down. Yes theres a lot to get me down.


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