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Weekend Bliss Pt 2

Hey everyone,

Woot! its like 12 and its 65 degrees already! I think I will enjoy this weather, this is my weekend bliss 2 post. well i sent my friend this card:

Isnt it cute? You may not get it but its an inside joke we have. Yes im tellin you inside jokes are the best! i feel as you share a special relationship with that person or group of people because of it. Its not fair if u tell everyone then it isnt one.

I have this new song and I didnt notice when the nice lady in starbucks wrote down the person name who sung it and the name that the girls' name is April March cute huh? The song is in french. So i heard it and got it instantly. Man i noe more french outside of school than in school.

It started when i heard it in victorias secrets. I was like oh i love this,its french. i heard it a few more times and then i finally heard it yesterday in starbucks and i know that they can look at the play list thats how i got another name of a song that i love from. and the rest is history. i am sittin here in a daze.

I think thats this is the end of my blissful blog. hope to see u outside...


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